Big Dice for Young Learners

Are you familiar with Math Dice Jr.? It’s a tabletop educational game for children ages six and up. It has a start-to-finish game board and six dice (five “normal” dice and one twelve-sided die) and the kids sit at a table to play.

But sometimes kids just need to move, so I introduced a variation: bigger dice and a “life-size board.”

The five normal dice are from Family Dollar and the D12 is from the fitness section of Five Below. Total investment before tax: six dollars. One obstacle I need to overcome is how to convert the exercise die into a proper numerical twelve-sided die. Any recommendations?

The kids themselves can be the player pieces, and we could play this in the hallway, the gymnasium, or even outside under the right circumstances, so we just have to figure out what the spaces on “the board” should be. I have a few ideas, but what do you suggest?

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